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03.09.16 - 16-22h  -  Willner Brauerei

In recent decades, Berlin has developed into a European center for contemporary art. Museums, galleries and art fairs have become crowd pullers, filling the city with visitors. In this pulsating metropolis, where people are constantly exposed to new stimuli, rest and time become privileges. this is where the concept of The Dark Rooms comes in.

The Dark Rooms is an exhibition that works against the fast-paced perception of art: Through darkness, visitors:inside become invisible observers:inside. 


On five floors and an area of 1500m2 of the old Willner brewery, the audience has the experience of losing themselves in the dark rooms and of slowing down the pace of art perception.


Each space is individually staged by an artist. Only the artworks are illuminated. Large seating areas create the opportunity to take time again to contemplate the works.

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