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Secret Museum for Light and Sound in Berlin.

Next exhibition expected in spring 2025 

Berlin never rests. The last few years have been like a carousel spinning faster and faster. This is where ‘The Dark Rooms Vertical’ comes in: In our pulsating metropolis, peace and time seem to become privileges. Let's switch off the lights. Darkness sharpens the senses. It turns us into invisible observers.

Darkness allows us to disappear into the space and slow down the pace of our perception of art. 


Stay as long as you like!

Each guest receives a yoga mat. This allows everyone to find their own place among the hypnotic works. 

The estimated length of stay is approx. 2 hours ... or longer.


The Dark Rooms Exhibition was first shown in 2016 in the abandoned towers of the Willner Brewery. In January 2024, we took visitors into the darkness with ‘The Dark Rooms Vertical’ on 12 floors. In April 2024, we were able to show Boris Acket's first solo show in a 6-storey tower - ‘The Dark Rooms Vertical - with Boris Acket’. 


The next exhibition will take place in 2025. 

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