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18.01.24 - 04.02.24 - Secret Location



Berlin never rests. The last two years feel like a carousel spinning faster and faster. This is where the exhibition "The Dark Rooms Vertical" comes in: In our pulsating metropolis, rest and time seem to become privileges. Let's turn off the lights. Darkness sharpens the senses. Through it we become the invisible observer:inside. 


"The Dark Rooms" was first shown in 2016 in the abandoned towers of the Willner Brewery.

Now the exhibition returns to an old automobile factory of the 20th century.


The Place: 

The location is unexpected and quite different from "Himmel unter Berlin" - with abandoned old columned halls and room-sized rusty steel tanks. The tower is considered a "monument of Berlin industrial culture" and was the tallest building in Germany when it was completed.

Most of the building has remained closed to the public until now. This is the last opportunity for visitors to explore the location.

secret location The Dark Rooms Vertical

International Artists:

Visitors climb 12 stories high above Berlin to discover engaging light and sound installations in every room.

You'll wander through trees made of lightning, glimpse the clarity of burning forests or the beauty of a cornfield deep in the darkness of a 100-year-old building. 

All of the works are unseen in Berlin, and many are premieres. Some were created specifically for the building. The exhibition is therefore for this moment only, and also unrepeatable.


This is new:

The exhibition is located in a very high tower. But we will make your ascent as pleasant as possible: halfway up there is a bar where we would like to buy you an ascent drink.

Here you will receive a time stamp for the last part of the tower.

On the highest levels you will be guided in small groups. This was the only way to gain access to the tower. This area is so impressive that we really want to show it to you. All other rooms can be explored independently through the darkness. 



The exhibition will be on display for 15 days only (01/18/2014 - 02/04/2014). To give you enough time and space for yourself and the art, there will only be a few people in the building at a time.

The location is a Secret Location and will be communicated to you digitally 48h before your ticket access.

Comes without makeup and in sweatpants. The darkness allows us to disappear into the premises and end accelerate the pace in the perception of art.

Admission only from 18 years.


(The order is selected at random)

SIZHU LI (New York) 

Sizhu Li is a Chinese-born kinetic installation artist living in New York. Having lived and worked on two different continents, Li has developed a unique visual language of immersive kinetic art to illustrate her understanding of human nature and the universe. Li has exhibited her work at the Staten Island Museum, Attleboro Arts Museum, Spring/Break, Flux Factory, Baltimore-Washington International Airport, Chashama Gallery, and more.

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Moonment by Sizhu Li


NONOTAK is a duo founded in late 2011 by former visual artist Noemi Schipfer and former architect and musician Takami Nakamoto. NONOTAK work with light and sound installations and performances to create ethereal and dream-like environments that envelop and amaze viewers:inside. Nonotak's aesthetic is inspired by minimalist architecture and optical art.

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Two Zero One II. by nonotak


David Bowen is known for his kinetic sculptures powered by real data from natural phenomena.

David Bowen's work has been featured in numerous group and solo exhibitions including ZKM Karlsruhe, Eyebeam New York, Ars Electronica Linz, The Israel Museum Jerusalem and many more. He has received many awards, an honorable mention from Ars Electronica and 3rd prize in the international Vida Art and Artificial Life competition.

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tele-present wind by David Bowen

BORIS ACKET (Netherlands)

Boris Acket translates conceptual ideas into immersive, multi-sensory experiences: Technology, space, light and sound form a prism in which specific themes or objects are explored and rematerialized.


His works and performances have been presented at NXT Museuris zeim, De School, Lowlands Festival, Het Hem, STRP, Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, Van Gogh Museum, Frame Lab & DGTL Festival, among others.


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Boris Acket


Kling Klang Klong is a creative studio specialising in sound. 

With their sound-based narratives, the collective explores natural phenomena and social issues. 

The studio uses state-of-the-art technologies to bring these to life for the audience as immersive soundscapes. 

Kling Klang Klong's work is exhibited internationally in art spaces, museums and at events.

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kling klang klong


Lumus Instruments is a multidisciplinary studio working with light, sound and structure in various forms of installation art and scenography. They design the physicality of sophisticated digital systems and explore how these systems affect our perception of space and time. Over the years, Lumus Instruments' work has found its way into a variety of contexts, ranging from digital art exhibitions to concerts, festivals, and activations for brands and public spaces.

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Lumus Instruments



Marco Barotti intervenes in urban and natural sound sources in a multimedia way. His works deal with the transformation of these acoustic elements and their environment, which he translates into sculptural entities that in turn become "alive" through the sound transformation. With these interventions, Barotti aims to influence and question the human perception of daily routines.His works have been exhibited internationally at Ars Electronica (Linz) at Saatchi Gallery (London), Futurium (Berlin), Platoon (Mexico City), among others.

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Since 2013 he has been working as a freelance artist in Berlin. In his large-scale installations, he deals with the transformation of truth and his own standpoints on it. His series KAMI, which was exhibited at Dresden Neumarkt in 2018, won the audience award at "Die Blaue Nacht" in Nuremberg in 2019. He is founder of "360 minutes Art" and initiated together with Clara Sauer the exhibition series "The Dark Rooms Exhibition", the "LOST Art Festival" and now also "Himmel unter Berlin".

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Sven Sauer


In Hanna Antonsson's works, the encounter and contrast between animal and machine plays an important role. The wings of animals found dead, prepared by Antonsson, are artificially brought back to life and mounted on the very objects that put an end to the birds' lives.  Collision is a natural theme in her work. Hannah Antonsson's works have been exhibited in numerous exhibitions worldwide.

Hanna Antonsson



Philip Vermeulen is a Hague-based artist whose large-scale installations are part of his research in zero, sound, kinetic and audiovisual art. Vermeulen is best known for his large-scale kinetic installations. He manipulates natural primary phenomena such as light, sound and movement and ceaselessly explores the changes in psychological states of being.


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fanfanfan by Philip Vermeulen


Seçkin Aydın is an artist and academic working on Degrowth Theory, Decolonialism, Post-colonialism and Slow Violence. He has had many solo exhibitions, participated in biennials and symposiums and curated exhibitions in Europe and the Middle East.

Website   |    Instagram  

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