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19.05.23 - 11.06.23 - Secret Location


For the first time in over 100 years, the underground corridors of one of Europe's largest steam engine factory halls are opened up and transformed into an art experience. You get lost in a dark reinforced concrete labyrinth the size of a football field.

The experience: 

Imagine you are in a secret bar. Atmospheric music surrounds you, you are served a drink. A person guides you to a hidden door in an old closet. Behind the door, a journey into the minds of 12 artists awaits you. You walk through narrow catacombs, past ancient pumps and pipes that were the lifeline of steam engines weighing tons. Among cogwheels and old cooling tanks are expansive installations of light and sound. Most of the works are premieres that will be seen for the first time.


Only 99 people will have the opportunity to explore the darkness at the same time. The location is secret and guests will not be told until 48 hours before their visit.


Boris Acket Lumus InstrumentsSo KannoBianca Patricia IsenseeKling Klang KlongNils VölkerSven SauerMatthias RodachMarco BarottiAlvaro Soler-ArpaBony Stoev, Ralf Schmerberg 

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