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23.03.22 - 10.04.22 - Secret Location

"Himmel Unter Berlin" is a new experiment. The exhibition organizers have asked themselves the question: When do experiences of artworks solidify in our minds?


One mechanism is the exchange with other people about the experience.

For example, if we see a play that touches us deeply, this experience is anchored much more strongly if we talk about it with other people directly after the performance. If we leave the theater and go straight home, the experience evaporates and is possibly not stored. We anchor experiences in our minds through conversations with other people.

In Himmel unter Berlin, the guests meet with their friends in a red bar.

For part of the evening, they are transported into an imaginative parallel world. After wandering through the subterranean catacombs of the exhibition, visitors then return to the bar, where they can talk with their friends about what they have experienced.

The conversations intensify what they have experienced and lead to a different perception of art.

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